My Name is Ralph H. Dyer. I work for Five Star Industrial Services LLC. We are an Industrial Service company located in Etowah County, in Gadsden Alabama Area. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, our owner is a veteran of “Operation Desert Shield”, “Operation Desert Storm” and "Operation Just Cause" the Invasion of Panama.

We are currently working to organize a 1k, 5K, and 25K. Walk, run, and ride. The ride would be bicycling, and distance may need to be adjusted and have two different distances one for novice class and the other for competition. “Five Star 5K” We hope to gather this together by spring of 2017 in March. This will be the weekend before “Industrial Days” a week focusing on our areas jobs and job seekers, through education, networking, innovative thinking, and community spirit. The “Five Star 5K” will also include a competitive “5K Boot Hump”. The boot hump will have a competitive team division, a competitive individual division, then a non-competitive division boot hump, for teams and individuals to take part in the boot hump just to finish.

We intend to have our whole event to be disability friendly and competitive, to inspire those with challenges, and those without.

“Five Star 5K” will raise awareness, and money to help our returning Veterans, abled and disabled as well as any American service men and women, returning to civilian life and looking for employment. We are looking for volunteers and partners to help organize, fund, lend your brand name, your endorsement, and support to this ambitious under taking. This will have many moving parts and rolls, many obstacles to overcome. The logistics and scope will be a challenge. I personally think it will bless anyone who gets involved and will be worth the effort.

We hope this event will lead to better understanding of our returning men and women’s issues in finding jobs in a civilian workforce. And help to build bridges and networks to facilitate job seeker to find the employer who is looking for them. Not just jobs but careers with advancement opportunities. A place to stay, grow and succeed.

Our service men and women have a quality that make them the world’s most successful military. This unique quality makes the most formidable fighting force the world has ever known. A quality that our companies and manufactures can use to help to advance their position in an ever changing and competitive global market. This quality is truly what built America and lead to the success of the American way of life. It is so basic to them, they follow orders, they stick to the plan, they work together as a team, each team member is important, they respect their leaders while retaining their own identity, they are inspired by being a part of something that is Greater than, themselves. Greater even than the battle of the day. Now here it is, when everything starts to fall apart, they find a way, they adapt, they change the plan on the fly, when everything is blowing up around them, they move forward and go around, think out of the box, to accomplish their objective and to have a successful outcome. It is not enough to just have skill, tools and education. You need inspiration, ingenuity, and imagination, these are the things that drives our country and our military. That is what makes our service men and women, the right choice for the job. Join with me and Five Star Industrial Services to bring together the Dream Team. We only have to help with the introductions. The proof will be in the success that both employee and employer will share.

Thank you,

For More Information Please contact Me at Ralph@FiveStar5k.org